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Branch 142, Dunnville
11 February 2013 - Issue #11



I am pleased once again to announce the winners of the Branch 142 Dunnville Public Speaking Contest held on Saturday, February 23rd., in the upper hall of Branch 142.

In the Primary Category, Grades 1 3, the First place winner was Lauren Van Huizen from Dunnville Christian School.  In Second place, we had Seth DeHaan also from Dunnville Christian School.  The Third place winner was Madelaine Zantingh from St. Michaels Catholic School.

This would be a good time to mention that there is a monetary gift for all the winners 1st place receives $25.00, 2nd place wins $20.00 and 3rd place is awarded $15.00.

In the Junior Category which consists of Grades 4 6, in 1st place we had Shasta Ricker from Dunnville Christian School; in 2nd place the winner was Sarah Westendorp who is home schooled and the 3rd place winner was Welly Hanenburg from Dunnville Christian School.

The Intermediate Category which is Grades 7 9, the 1st place winner was Marietta VanMiddelkoop from Attercliffe Canadian Reformed Elementary School; 2nd place went to  Esther Westendorp who is home schooled and in 3rd place, Teleah Petter from Dunnville Christian School.There were no entries in the Senior Category, Grades 10 12.

Congratulations go out to all the winners along with our thanks for participating and to the parents for their encouragement.

The 1st place winners have the opportunity to compete at the Zone Level contest which will be held Saturday, March 2nd., 2014 at Branch 79 in Simcoe.  Good luck to all.

Our Annual Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner is coming up on Saturday, March 16th, our usual melt-in-your-mouth corned beef with cabbage, carrots, potatoes, onions, dessert, tea and coffee for only $12.00 per person.  We start serving at 5:00 pm, tickets at the door.

Our Spring Turkey Raffle will be held on Friday, March 22nd, at 8:00 pm always fun but save some energy for the 50s-60s Dance the next night, Saturday, March 23rd featuring Dave Burden.  Just to round out the month, on Good Friday, March 29th, join us for one of our famous Perch Dinners.  $15.00/pp all inclusive.  In the meantime, see you in the Branch.

Lynda Roberts, lynda.roberts243@gmail.com  
Public Relations Officer  
Branch 142, Dunnville