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Branch 142, Dunnville
28 April 2013 - Issue #20



I thought spring was just around the corner.  The gardens are just begging to be turned over and one warm day out of four just doesn’t seem to inspire me to get my hands muddy.  The golfers are out in their ski mitts, toques and rubber boots looking for their plugged Top-Flites, the river is still rising and the coziest place in town is still the Legion.  We hope the patios can be set up soon and it will keep a bit of the traffic off the newly polished floors.  They are just gleaming and with the slush mats put away, the place just sparkles!  The next thing on the agenda will be the up-grading of the veterans’ memorial on our corner of Queen and Maple.  It appears to be in a state of neglect no matter how many new gardens have been designed and managed, it just doesn’t fill the bill.  

The Legion is a living memorial to the veterans who gave us the freedom that we are enjoying today and we are obligated to preserve their memory and to continue to honour them in the manner they deserve and our little cenotaph area is a direct link to their service and where we can go to pay our respects.  The members and guests are enjoying their social times in the finest surroundings in town.  Our needs and comforts are being met with ‘thanks’ to the generosity of members and associates without the ‘special assessments’ that other clubs would have to impose upon their members.  We have been awarded Trillium grants for the big projects and our Veterans’ Memorial re-construction will be aided in part by Veterans’ Affairs.  Our President Garry Frost has left no stone unturned in the rejuvenation and up-grade of Branch 142.

Some of the things you can do to help is attend our special events.  Another Perch Dinner is coming up on Friday, May 3rd commencing at 4:30 pm and continuing to 7:00 pm for only $15.00/pp all inclusive and take-out will be available at the back entrance.  We have a full calendar of events all summer long with a Perch Dinner every month until the end of November.  Stay tuned for details.

Ragg Topp is coming back on Saturday, May 4th for a 50-60’s dance and prizes will be awarded for best costume of the era.  Dig out that old poodle skirt and saddle shoes, attach a pony tail and roll down the bobby-socks!  Carol Nie’s dances are always fun, only $10.00/pp, tickets available at the Branch or at the door.  The fun starts at 8:00 pm.  Remember … there are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them!

Lynda Roberts, lynda.roberts243@gmail.com  
Public Relations Officer  
Branch 142, Dunnville