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Branch 142, Dunnville

11 June 2013 - Issue #26


The branch and volunteers are just sitting back with our feet up, recuperating from the Mudcat festivities and patting ourselves on the back chancing a repeated dislocation of the glenohumeral joint, surpassed only by the Cheshire grins brought on by yet another superlative Perch Dinner!  One gentleman announced that he came all the way from Arnprior just for the perch feast. Somehow I think that being a part of one of the best festivals in Canada may have had something to do with it, but nevertheless, it was wonderful to hear the compliments.  Kudos to the Chamber of Commerce for their broadband advertising and another huge success!  We personally had record-breaking numbers, the likes of which, had not been seen since “the good old days” according to the old timers.

I was reminiscing with family members last week about summers past, before air-conditioning was commonplace in every household and the hot streets of Hamilton would be steaming. We believed that you really could fry an egg on the sidewalk. In the evening we would go down to VanWagner’s Beach and have a foot-long at the ‘Poplars’ or a burger from  Hutch’s Dingley Dell and splash along the hot pebbly beach to cool off with fries in a cone with flailing arms fighting off the sea gulls.  We talked about the milk wagon that was pulled by ‘old Maude’ who left a present to be scooped up for Dad’s Dahlias and if we happened to see a bottle of chocolate milk in the cart, we would follow it; it meant that someone was having a birthday party! Celebrations were few and far between with our parents still recovering from wartime and the depression.  Most of us just dreamed about getting to the Exhibition just once in our life. I know the stories will be the same here, just different beaches, different hot dog stands albeit owned and operated by your neighbours or relatives but above all, what  we did not have was anything that compared to the Mudcat Festival. A festival of friends celebrating life on The Grand. Congratulations to all!

Lynda Roberts, lynda.roberts243@gmail.com  
Public Relations Officer  
Branch 142, Dunnville