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Lynda Roberts

Branch 142, Dunnville

05 July 2013 - Issue #30

     On July 1st, 1916 the Battle of Somme began.  At Beaumont Hamel, the Newfoundland Regiment advanced into point blank fire from German machine guns.  Only 68 of 801 who went into battle answered roll call the next day.  Lest we forget.

     In spite of gloomy weather on the 1st of July 2013, our Canadian flags flew proudly on Canada ’s birthday.  It was wonderful watching the celebrations across Canada from the comfort of my easy chair.  I think I sang O’ Canada 14 times!

     On Saturday, July 27th, we will be enjoying the songs of ‘The Man In Black.’  We are excited to be hosting “ Canada ’s Ultimate Johnny Cash Tribute Show” featuring Paul Anthony who will be giving us the complete Johnny Cash experience.  Tickets are available at the Branch for $20 per person and according to the testimonials on the website, they won’t last long.

     Don’t forget, we are singing all summer long in the McCullagh Lounge.  I will have to see if Marie knows ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ or ‘Ring of Fire’ and of course on our Friday Karaoke nights, you are sure to hear just about everything!  You may even have a few renditions of your own and you would certainly be welcome.

     The shopping is underway and the fishing boats are out for our next Perch Dinner on Friday, July 12th, tickets are at the door for $15/pp and as usual, take-out is at the back door, down Central Lane.

     Until then, just remember – If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito!

Lynda Roberts, lynda.roberts243@gmail.com  
Public Relations Officer  
Branch 142, Dunnville