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Lynda Roberts

Branch 142, Dunnville

01 December 2013 - Issue #44

Snow Shovelling Season is Here

Well, I found out I can still shovel snow. Or should I say that I  lived through another snow shovelling experience. It’s like riding a bike; you never forget how, except that the ability is still there but the strength and staying power is definitely in sync with the ‘best before’ date. I suppose it’s time I started to heed the warnings about shovelling but at this stage of the game, it’s the closest I am going to get to ‘living on the edge’.  The health section of Legion Magazine also reminds us of the winter weight gain that we are about to experience. When it’s cold outside, we tend to eat more and move less.  One reason is that the level of serotonin, dubbed the ‘happiness hormone,’ diminishes in tune with the waning sunlight, leaving many of us feeling blue and some of us with seasonal affective disorder, a serious medical condition that robs life of joy.  Either condition can sidetrack exercise regimens.  However, when it’s sub-zero and pitch black outside, many of us opt for the sofa rather than the running shoes. Dancing shoes are a good option.  Our New Year’s Eve Dance will give you the opportunity to burn up a few calories.  Tickets are on sale in the club room $15/pp advanced sales or $20/pp at the door.  It will include good company, great music to dance to, champagne and of course, buffet lunch at midnight (non-caloric?)

Let’s remember our shut-ins throughout the Holidays and include them in the festivities, we will be delivering Christmas presents to Edgewater on Wednesday, December 11th at 2:00 pm and to Grandview on the 18th at 2:00 pm.  Anyone is welcome to join us; Santa will be there, our Colour Party and the Legion-Aires will sing Christmas Carols, led by Marie Glaves it is always nice to have some extra voices and Santa’s Helpers.

Don’t forget the kids’ Christmas Party on Sunday, December 15th.  For details on any of our events, call the Branch at 905-774-5942 or check our website: dunnvillelegion.com .

Lynda Roberts, lynda.roberts243@gmail.com  
Public Relations Officer  
Branch 142, Dunnville