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Lynda Roberts

Branch 142, Dunnville

05 September 2014

Legion News

Are you ready for Legion Week?  Branch 142 is, and we will be continuing our ‘open door’ policy throughout the period from September 21st. to the 27th, and taking time from the seemingly never ending hard work and dedication it takes to have a successful branch in today’s complex environment.   It is also a time to reflect on just how blessed we all are to be part of this member driven organization which has had such a positive and significant impact on our community.

Legion Week is when we take the opportunity to show off our branch to non-members, to be ambassadors of our organization and all the benefits membership offers, whether it is sports, cards, comradeship, social activities along with our youth programs, our seniors’ programs and our service to our veterans and serving Canadian Forces.

Legion Branches across the province work together with their affiliated organization, the Ladies Auxiliary, to raise funds in support of the many programs within Ontario Command of the Royal Canadian Legion.  It will interest you to know that due to the hard work of our ladies, The Ladies’ Auxiliary to Branch 142 donated $20,000 to our Branch this past fiscal year and are well on our way to another successful year despite the dreaded aging process and dwindling numbers.  We look forward to welcoming some new and enthusiastic members to help us raise funds in support of the many programs within The Royal Canadian Legion and you will be welcomed with open arms.

We will have our own kick-off to Legion Week with our monthly Perch Dinner on Friday, September 19th at 4:00 pm, the Veterans’ Dinner on Wednesday, September 24th, Men’s and Ladies’ Night on Thursday, September 25th and closing the week with the Neil Diamond Tribute Show on Saturday, September 27th.  Of course, all the regularly scheduled events will be taking place as usual.  

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Legion Correspondent  
Branch 142, Dunnville  
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