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Lynda Roberts

Branch 142, Dunnville

28 November 2014

Legion News

Now that we have all recovered somewhat from the activities revolving around the weeks of The Poppy Campaign that lead to our most revered activity within the Branch, Remembrance Day; starting with the march to the cenotaph, followed by comraderie back at the branch and ending with our banquet and awards night, we can get back to the daily routine.  But first, our thanks go out to the community for your undying support and generous donations to the Poppy Fund.  The total at this writing is nearly $16,970 and still counting.  You are to be commended.  Thank you to the Legionnaires that tirelessly stood at their posts, to the shops and businesses that allowed us access and made donations.  To the 611 Harvard Squadron for their Honour March and sentry duty at the cenotaph and for all who participated in the service.  Last but not least, to Dave McQuillen our 2014 Poppy Chairman, for choreographing the entire campaign and to our President, Garry Frost who was out every morning and afternoon, greeting the people of Dunnville as a reminder and representative of all those we are honouring in the campaign.  Kudos to all.

December is a busy month for us and for you as well if you care to participate.  Santa is going to Edgewater on Wednesday, December 3rd accompanied by his elves, then to Grandview on Wednesday, December 10th.  The
Colour Party will be leading the Santa Claus Parade on December 6th, come in to the Branch and keep warm Ė itís open to all.  Our Kidís Christmas Party is on December 14th at 2:00 pm.  Our Annual Turkey Raffle starts at 8:00 pm on December 19th and we will be ringing in the NEW YEAR on December 31st and celebrating the New Year at the Presidentís Levee on January 1st.  
In the meantime, SEASONS GREETING TO ALL from the members of Branch 142.

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