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Branch 142, Dunnville

11 November 2015

Head Table Legion Banquet photo: Cannon Robert Brownlee, MPP Toby Barrett, Mayor Ken Hewitt, Cmr John Wood, Piper Charlie King, President Gary Frost, Guest Speaker Wes Kutasienski, Ladies Auxiliary Margret Rose West and Ladies Auxiliary President Nancy Voakes.

The theme of Service threaded its way through the various speakers who addressed the veterans, legion members and families who attended the banquet.  The men and women who served in armed conflicts and peace keeping duties  and those who paid the  ultimate price  were honoured and held up as examples of those who serve.  Canadians have served  in the Great War, World War 2, Korea, and Afghanistan and in Peace Keeping assignments around the world.  Legion President Gary Frost pointed out the importance of Remembrance Day and that more people are coming out to observe the Cenotaph Service each year.  He praised the part of the cadets of Dunnville’s 611 Harvard Squadron played in their Honour March this year.   The guest speaker, District B Commander, Comrade Wes Kutasienski, stressed the importance of volunteers within the Legion and in the community for the benefits brought about by people simply pitching in.  He defined volunteerism as doing  something unselfishly, whether it be being on a Board of Directors or helping to clean up tables and sweep floors.   Time is the best contribution any of us can make to the organisation of your choice.  The key, he stated, is the personal approach because people want to help out but are waiting to be asked. 


The Table of Remembrance

A touching part of the Banquet is the tribute paid to those members of the armed forces and the civilians who played a part in conflicts.  A single table, four chairs and place settings on a white table cloth is set out in the corner of the hall.  On the centre of the table is a vase with a single rose  signifying sacrifice and keeping faith.  Hats, from the air force, army, navy and a black bowler are placed on the chairs.  Each item at the table represents a significant sacrifice made by those who cannot be present at tonight’s Banquet.  

The Legion recognised service by its member by the presentation of Pins to those who have participated over the years.   A presentation was made to the Legion by five  members of medals which have come down to the present generations of men and women who have honoured by their country.   One presentation was by the Franklin family on behalf of Wallace Franklin of Dunnville.  Also the medals of Major Wilfred W Leech were donated to be put on display in the Legion.  The medals of Roy Clark who served in the Army, George A Deavu, Medical Corp and Sgt Paul Stampfler, Air Force,  were also presented. The medals are all framed and mounted and displayed on the wall and comprise one of the largest collection in Canada.

Frank Powers